Is CBD A Treatment Option For Psychosis?

CBD For Psychosis
CBD For Psychosis
CBD For Psychosis
CBD For Psychosis

Psychosis is an umbrella term used for describing beliefs that are unrealistic or sensory experiences or nonexistent things. Psychosis can be caused by brain injury, extreme stress, drug use, mental illness, or sleep deprivation. People suffering from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia also suffer from psychosis. People with psychosis often experience chimeras or hallucinations. Seeking immediate treatment is of utmost importance for psychosis as it can cause total mental decline.

One look at the inferences of the recent studies reveals that CBD could be effective in the treatment of psychosis. CBD, one of the active cannabinoid compounds contained in the cannabis plant, retains therapeutic properties that could help in alleviating many mental and physical health disorders.

CBD For Psychosis Symptoms

Earlier, it was thought that CBD does not has any pharmacological effects. However, recent human and animal studies have shown that CBD could help reduce the symptoms of drug-induced psychosis and cognitive impairment due to exposure to high levels of THC.

In 2017 a study looked at 88 people with psychosis who received a small dose of CBD or placebo for about 6 weeks. After the treatment period, the researchers assessed the symptoms, cognitive and overall functions before and after treatment. It was observed that people who received CBD experienced a significant reduction in the symptoms of psychosis when compared to people who received a placebo.

Medications used for the treatment of psychosis works by targeting the release of some neurotransmitters in your brain. A few of the recent studies suggest that CBD can also provide the effects of antipsychotic medications and provide relief from the symptoms of psychosis. Studies revealed the potential of CBD in enhancing the quality of life of people

You should note that CBD was only administered as an adjunct treatment in most clinical studies and all the patients continued to get conventional antipsychotic medication. More studies are essential for understanding the true potential of CBD as a standalone treatment option for psychosis.

Using CBD For Treating Psychosis

Millions of people are currently using CBD products for treating many of their health problems. The different CBD products available in the market may differ in quality and therefore, you need to take extra precaution when buying CBD oil for psychosis management. Always buy CBD products that are manufactured by reputable CBD companies. Make sure to read the list of ingredients before buying a CBD product because some products may contain chemical ingredients that can be harmful to your body. Also, check whether the product has a Certificate of Analysis.