How To Extract CBD Using Olive Oil

CBD Extraction
CBD Extraction
CBD Extraction
CBD Extraction

A lot of people prefer to make their own CBD products, as various products available in the market can contain different contaminants. Extracting CBD on your own is one of the best ways to get the safest and high-quality CBD oil. Also, you can choose your own dosage and carrier oils when extracting this compound by yourself.

CBD extraction is comparatively an easy process, as it does not involve a large number of difficult steps. One of the best carrier oils for CBD is olive oil, as it offers a large number of health benefits. Additionally, olive oil is a versatile oil that can be used with any recipe. Unlike other oils, the taste of olive oil won’t stand out in the recipes. Hence, it creates a great option for CBD.

Steps To Extract CBD Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the common preferences of people when extracting CBD at home. People love this oil for its taste and health benefits. You can extract CBD using olive easily. The following steps can help you to make CBD oil at your home.

Choose A Hemp Strain

If you want to get high-quality CBD oil, it is important to choose the best hemp strain. Go for a strain that has high amounts of CBD and low concentrations of THC.


Your body cannot process cannabinoids unless they are in their active state. So you have to activate your cannabinoids before extracting them. It includes heating the hemp plant parts at a low temperature for a particular amount of time. They are usually heated at 230-degree Fahrenheit for almost 20-30 minutes.

Choose The Olive Oil

You have to choose high-quality olive oil for extracting CBD. Extra virgin olive oil has the best taste but it is also the most expensive. This oil might also develop a bitter taste when heated at high temperatures. So it is better to go for non-extra virgin olive oils of high quality.

Heat The Hemp Plant Parts In The Olive Oil

You have to prepare a mixture that contains olive oil and water in the same quantities. Add the hemp plants into the mixture and heat it slowly. Increase the temperature gradually till the water reaches the boiling point. You can lower the temperature after this and continue heating. Cook the mixture for about 30 minutes until the cannabinoids are properly mixed with the oil.

Cool the mixture and filter away the plant parts. Now your CBD oil is ready to use and you can consume it directly or add it to different foods.