What To Think About When Selecting CBD For Dogs

CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs
CBD For Dogs

You can give your dog CBD, to help improve its mood and aid it in staying healthy. In other words, the animal does not need to have a specific health condition for it to benefit from CBD use. So should you purchase a product classified as ‘CBD for dogs’? Yes. Be sure to select the best cannabidiol item for the animal after considering the following things.

The Form Of Product

Many different types of CBD items are available in the market, including the ones that veterinarians formulate. It is up to you to choose one for your dog. Consider the following facts when shopping for pet CBD.

  • Dog treats may be the ideal option since all dogs prefer these products. Even so, it takes time for CBD treats to kick in since these will enter your dog’s digestive system before reaching the target area.
  • The body will absorb CBD tincture fast, so it will start having an effect soon after your dog consumes it. However, keep in mind that feeding it to the animal may not be easy for you. Albeit you add it in dog food, the pet may notice the difference in taste this move brings about.
  • It is easier to apply a CBD topical. The skin will absorb the cannabidiol in this product, so it will kick in almost soon after you apply it to the dog’s body. That said, it is possible to use the product only for localized pain, which means the pain that affects just a specific area in the body.

The Maker

You have to purchase CBD items from a reputable source, whether it is a conventional manufacturer or a veterinarian. People say that some vet CBD items are better than the products of standard cannabidiol manufacturers. However, this may not always be the case. If a trusted family member or friend recommends buying a veterinarian-formulated CBD product for your dog, it is a good idea to follow their suggestion.

The Quantity And Quality Of Ingredients

Be sure to look at the laboratory test report that comes with the product you are planning to purchase for your domestic pet. Look specifically for the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol and the presence of any contaminant in the item. The THC quantity should not be over 0.3% in every US state, but you have to look at the report also to know whether it equals the labeled or advertised quantity. If your dog cannot ingest even low-THC CBD, then you may look for a product categorized as ‘CBD isolate’.